Enjoy Excellent Quality Care in an Upscale Environment

Recovering from a serious illness, a bad fall, or an accident can be a long and arduous process. The older the body gets, the slower it heals and bouncing back is not as easy as it used to be. The hardest part of recovery is going from the doctor or surgeon office for follow-up appointments to daily physical or occupational therapy sessions. Instead of constantly being on the move, safe energy and strength for therapy by recuperating in a Skilled nursing private room.


A private room with a private bathroom and shower allows patients to rest when they need to do so, tend to personal needs with professional assistance, and be close to any therapies, programs, or services that will expedite healing. Anyone who has experienced an extended hospital stay will attest to the fact that peace and quiet are not possible. Between the nurse taking vital signs every hour, the roommate having the television on, and the public announcements at all hours of the day and night sleep is fleeting at best.

A stay in an overcrowded rehabilitation center that is short staffed also makes healing and sleeping difficult. A nursing home, unless it is a private one, will operate similar to the hospital. Covering the extra costs of a Skilled nursing private suite is well worth the investment. The food is better, the equipment and services are better, and more can be accomplished because everything is basically just down the hallway.

A Plethora of Programs

While staying in a private facility, guests have access to any type of recovery therapy, program, or services they need. In addition to speech, physical, and occupational therapies, aquatic, mist, pulmonary, and lymphedema therapies are available. Cardiac and stroke recovery services, wound care, and orthopedic rehabilitation is offered as well. Programs include balance, vestibular, pain reduction, and urinary incontinence.

Top practitioners, state-of-the-art equipment, and two aquatic pools help get people back on their feet and heading home as soon as possible. Be comfortable and pampered while healing because exercises, therapy, and wellness programs are going to take a toll on strength and stamina. Compare total costs and recovery time to realize just how important excellent care and plenty of sleep is to the recovery process.